H/W/L/P Concept

We are digital. Available. Transparent. Networked.

H/W/L/P is geared towards providing comprehensive advice to companies and has therefore implemented a modern and future-oriented law firm concept.

Digital progress, disruptive technologies, new business models – they are changing our society. These developments and the legal questions that arise every day are our passion. In order to be active in this area, in addition to the necessary legal qualifications, you also need an understanding of economically and technically complex relationships as well as an interest in learning to understand the new products and ideas of our clients.

That is our claim at H/W/L/P


H/W/L/P does not follow the digital change. We have already done it. This is the only way we can meet our clients - modern companies, tech-savvy startups or international corporations - on an equal footing.

We support and accompany these companies on issues relating to data protection and data security, among other things. Then these companies can expect us to apply the same minimum standards. Highly secure cloud solutions support an efficient, location-independent and professional way of working.  This gives us time to process the content of our mandates, increases our effectiveness and, on top of that, saves our clients' financial resources. For us, agility is not just a word for IT contracts. We act agile. We accompany companies and show solutions.


Expertise should come from experts. Where we cannot raise this expertise ourselves, we fall back on our network and colleagues for our clients who have it. Solutions come from a single source.


Fast communication and availability is our maxim. The efficient use of digital technologies leads to temporal, spatial and organizational flexibility and enables us to react quickly and purposefully to the constantly changing requirements of the modern business world, which shape our clients and are shaped by them.


H/W/L/P not only guarantees the efficient processing of your concerns, but also a comprehensible billing of the services provided. Essential work steps are coordinated with the client in advance and recorded in detail in order to guarantee the highest possible transparency of the billing.


Expertise should come from experts. Where we cannot find this expertise ourselves, we fall back on our network and colleagues who have it for our clients. Solutions come from a single source.


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